Blue Mogul Virtual Services is excited to offer you an opportunity to join our team as an independently contracted CSP (Client Support Professional). We are looking for individuals who desire to have control over their work schedules, provide clients with your excellent customer service skills, and best of all work in a remote office from your home!

Lose the Commute - Work From Home

Blue Mogul Virtual Services is contracted with ARISE Virtual Solutions. Arise provides an extensive array of outsourcing contact center services across such industries as e-Commerce, Technology, Retail, Telecommunications, Travel, Hospitality, Financial Services, Utilities, healthcare, and Automotive companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Mogul Virtual is a division of Blue Mogul Enterprise, which is a technology company based in Houston, TX. Blue Mogul Virtual is a Call Center armed of the company, which provide access to a platform that allows work-at-home independent contractors to connect with companies that need customer support services. This allows individuals to work under contract with Fortune 500 and large corporations that they normally wouldn’t have access too!
Yes. This is a 100% legitimate work from home position. You will have the opportunity to work a full time or part time job as a Client Support Professional (CSP). This is NOT a MLM or Network Marketing deal. CSPs can stay at home and work as many hours as they like for major corporations that are all household names.
A CSP is a Client Support Professional. They are independent contractors who work for Blue Moguls. The type of services they provide depends on the client they are certified to service. CSPs generally do customer support work which may include customer service by phone or live chat, technical support, and inbound sales. Because each client’s needs vary, there are many opportunities available for these work-from-home customer support professionals.
Working as a CSP appeals to many types of people from all walks of life. A lot of our CSPs are stay-at-home moms who want to earn an income while their kids are in school. We have retirees who service our clients just to stay busy while supplementing their retirement income. There are also CSPs who have regular full-time jobs, but need a second part time income to make ends meet. We have plenty of college students who have no desire to work in fast food restaurants or department stores. Then there are those who have been laid off, and are looking for transitional work between jobs. But more importantly, all our CSPs only want to work from home instead of dealing with long commutes, crazy unpredictable hours, office politics, and other things that come with traditional jobs.
CSPs must have a computer, headset, phone, and internet connection which is compatible with the work at home online platform. Many of these items can be purchased at the Blue Moguls Call Center Store. The specific equipment needed will depend on the client’s requirements, however, there are some general pieces of equipment that are universally required. USB headset with microphone Hardwired phone with headset Desktop or laptop computer (separate monitor is recommended) High speed hardwired internet access Computer security software Phone services without any features, such as voicemail and call waiting For this position, you cannot use wireless accessories, such as a wireless mouse or keyboard. You also cannot use a cell phone, soft phone or any other type of virtual phone connection like Vonage, MagicJack or Skype. A dedicated landline phone connection through your local telephone company is required. This business phone line must also be separate from your personal home phone, and it is recommended that you have unlimited domestic long-distance service.
The amount of pay varies depending on the client and the type of work being done. On average, CSPs earn anywhere from $9 to $16 per hour. CSPs are paid twice a month on the 1st and 15th. CSPs are paid by Blue Moguls, NOT by the client company they are servicing. In addition, CSPs are “contractors”, NOT employees and are responsible for their own taxes. Blue Moguls will send a 1099-MISC to each CSP at the end of the tax year.
CSPs can work either full time or part time up to a maximum of 60 hours per week. CSPs schedule themselves to work whenever they choose, instead of being told by a boss when they will work. However, each client has different minimum requirements. Most clients require at least 15 hours of work per week, of which 5 hours may have to be worked on the weekend. CSPs can also work part time for more than one client, and can decide how many hours they wish to put in as long as the minimums for each client are met. Overall, the hours are extremely flexible 24 hours a day, but it depends on the client. Before beginning a certification course, make sure you can work the number of hours required by the client.
No. We cannot hire anyone from outside of the United States. We are also currently unable to accept applications or registrations from residents in: California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon or Wisconsin. If you reside in any other state in the U.S., we welcome you to apply.
CSPs must pay for a background check, which costs no-fee. They must also complete any necessary client certification courses. These courses have a one-time fee and can range from $19 to $249. There are times when classes are discounted to as low as $5.95 per course depending on the time of year. These fees are paid by the CSP, NOT by Blue Mogul Virtual. In addition, Blue Moguls will collect a $40 administrative fee. This fee is charged per service period and will be deducted from the CSP’s paycheck twice a month.
While being a CSP is technically a job this is a business opportunity. CSPs are establishing an independent work-from-home call center business. As with any opportunity, there are some costs involved in getting started. Just as Electricians, Hairdressers, Fitness Trainers, Auto Mechanics and other types of business professionals must take classes and pay on their own to become certified before they can service clients, CSPs are professionals who must do the same. In addition, Blue Moguls cannot afford to pay certification fees for each person who decides they might like to “try” customer service. These fees help to eliminate the tire-kickers, but instead find the people who really want to join us and start working from home.
To get started as a CSP, you must first complete an Blue Moguls Application. You will then set up a profile with our partner virtual services company. After completing the application and profile, and submitting the criminal background check, you will need to wait to receive a response. If your background is clear, you will then need to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This will give you access to the complete client list and full details about each available project. You must then pay for and complete a certification course before you can start servicing a client.
After you complete the application and profile, you will need to wait 2 to 5 days for your background check to be completed by a third-party vendor. Then you can select a client. Client certification can take anywhere from four to eight weeks. Remember, 100% attendance is required for certification. After you complete your certification, you can begin servicing clients and get paid through direct deposit into your personal or business bank account, or into a Prepaid Debit Card. Blue Moguls does not send paper checks. After your certification is complete, you can continue to look for additional opportunities. You can certify for more than one company, if you’re able to work the required hours (15 hours per week minimum per client opportunity) and the two clients are not part of the same corporate family.
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